LCD Digital Light Box(DL)
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Main Functions:
1.Support multi-media playing, including video, images,music.
2.Medium can auto reserve and continue to play when power is on.
3.Background music is available when images are displaying.
4.Multi Languages: English, Chinese etc.  
5.Auto-save playlist record and able to set saving time.
6.Scrolling subtitles, effects of the arrows are adjustable.
7.Slideshow of images is adjustable.
8. Able to set the time to play images.
9.Electronic clock and date.
10.Provide USB port to update software and system. USB(2.0).
11.Built-in memory SD card 8G(optional:16G/32G);
12.Android system6.0(Optional)

Images type:     JPEG, BMP, PNG
Video files type:MPG,MPG-1,MPG-2,MPG-
Audio type:      WMA, MP3
 Document storage system:NTFS, FAT32, FAT16

Explain Mode Body Size
Number of
Power Supply
LKD-LCD-A22-DL 630x430x15 1024x768(22") 8 DC 12  94W
LKD-LCD-A32-DL 868x565x15 1680x1050(32") 11 DC 12 140W
LKD-LCD-A42-DL 1073*673*15 1920*1080(42")   13 DC 12 144W

Applicable for:
Hotel,Bar,Fast-food restaurant, Chain-store, Wedding photograph, Interior decoration, Gift show, Showcase, Product exhibition, etc.