LED Light Box
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Product Description:
1、Clear frame, as fine as crystal; double faces design;
2、LED light sources are used, power saving and long lifetime (70000Hrs);
3、Optical-panel is used for even illumination
4、Easy to change picture and install;
5、Applicable for: hotel, bar, fast-food restaurant, chain-store, wedding photograph, interior decoration, gift show, showcase, product exhibition, etc.

Body size
L x W x T (mm)
Image size(mm) Visual size(mm) Weight
Type of Tube Power supply
LK-A1-AD 740x970x10 652x899 592x839 10.0 LED 27W AC 110-230V 50HZ/60HZ
LK-A2-AD 530x706x8 428x610 408x590 7.0 LED 22W AC 110-230V 50HZ/60HZ
LK-A3-AD 388x508x8 305x428 285x408 5.0 LED 10W AC 110-230V 50HZ/60HZ
LK-A4-AD 300x385x8 224x311 204x291 2.0 LED 5W AC 110-230V 50HZ/60HZ